10 Must try street foods and drinks in Vietnam

bun cha

If you plan to visit beautiful Vietnam, be sure to enjoy traditional Vietnamese street food and drinks. Food in Vietnam is incredibly cheap, yet delicious and healthy. From traditional sandwiches and fresh fruit juices, to famous Pho soup and iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk.

1. Banh mi | Vietnamese baguette sandwich

banh mi

“Banh mi” actually means bread (all kinds), but in this case it refers to French Baguette. The baguette is airy and has a crispy crust. This delicious Vietnamese sandwich can be made with the choice of special Vietnamese cold cuts, chicken, pork, liver pate or scrambled egg. It always comes with vegetables such as pickled carrots or cucumbers (very often both), and cilantro. Price: 10000-25000 VND (0.45-1.12 USD).

2. Ca phe sua da | Iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk

vietnamese iced coffee

Ca phe sua da is very famous both in Vietnam and the rest of the world. It is made using a small metal drip filter and real Vietnamese grown coffee. Fresh made dripped coffee is poured into a glass full of ice and sweetened condensed milk is added. Simple, yet delicious. Price: 15000-25000 VND (0.67-1.12 USD).

3. Pho | Most famous Vietnamese soup

vietnamese beef pho soup

Famous Vietnamese noodle soup that consists of beef or chicken broth, rice noodles, some herbs and meat (mostly chicken or beef). Pho soup is always served with the side plate of mint leaves, jalapeno peppers, lime wedges and mung bean sprouts. Pho soup is listed number 28 on “World’s 50 most delicious foods”. Simply delicious! Price: 20000-40000 VND (0.9-1.80 USD).

4. Bun Cha | Rice noodles and grilled pork

bun cha

Bun Cha is a famous Vietnamese dish of grilled pork and rice noodles, very often served with fried spring rolls. You can buy Bun Cha almost anywhere in Hanoi. Most of the street vendors serve this dish from early morning until late at night. It originates from Hanoi. Price: 30000-40000 VND (1.35-1.80 USD).

5. Sinh To | Fresh fruit smoothie

smoothies and juices vietnam

You can find fresh fruit juices and smoothies everywhere in Vietnam and they are simply delicious. There’s nothing better than a fresh cold smoothie in a hot sunny day. They are also unbelievably cheap: 15000-25000 VND (0.67-1.12 USD).

6. Chuối nếp nướng | Grilled banana cakes

banana cakes vietnam
Jenny Sun/youtube

Grilled banana cake is a very simple yet delicious dessert. It is made of banana, coconut milk and sticky rice. Banana cakes are wrapped in banana leaves to prevent from burning. The cakes can either be enjoyed hot or cold. The price: around 5000 VND (0.22 USD) per piece.

7. Goi cuon | Summer rolls

summer rolls

Goi cuon or summer rolls are often said to be Vietnamese fast food. The difference between “real” fast food and Vietnamese fast food is that the later one is actually really healthy. These delicious rolls are usually made with shrimps, vegetables and fresh herbs wrapped in rice paper, but the filling can vary from place to place. Price for one roll: 3000-6000 VND (0.13-0.27 USD).

8. Che | Vietnamese dessert

che dessret

Che is a very popular traditional and above everything delicious Vietnamese dessert. The word “Che” actually refers to a group of desserts: sweet beverage, sweet soup or pudding. These interesting desserts can be made with different kinds of beans, fruit, tapioca, jelly, aloe vera, glutinous rice, lotus seed, taro, etc. Every Che is topped with sweet coconut cream and usually served with ice. It’s worth to mention that beans and other ingredients are cooked in water and sweetened with sugar. Price: 15000-25000 VND (0.67-1.12 USD).

9. Nem ran hay cha gio | Fried spring rolls

fried spring rolls

Fried spring rolls are one of the favorite Vietnamese street foods. Nem ran is made of lean minced pork, sea crabs or shrimps, mushrooms, duck/chicken eggs, pepper, salt and different kinds of seasoning. All ingredients are mixed together and wrapped in rice paper and friend in boiling oil. This dish is usually served with lettuce. Price: 3000-6000 (0.13-0.27) per roll.

10. Nuoc mia | Sugarcane juice

sugarcane juice

No, sugarcane juice is not unhealthy, just the opposite, it is very good for you because it’s an energy booster and loaded with fiber. It is made right in front of you by crushing the sugarcane stalks using an electric machine. It is served with ice cubes and a bit of lime juice to enhance the flavor of this super tasty beverage. Price 5000-10000 VND (0.22-0.45 USD).


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