What to expect in Chinese supermarkets


Ever wondered how it looks like inside of a Chinese supermarket? Chinese supermarkets are pretty similar to those in any other country but, there is a great difference in products you find on the shelves. As expected, most of the products are made in China and chances of finding western food are slim to none. So what are the differences?

1. Eggs are not refrigerated

Eggs supermarket China
Eggs are kept at room temperature, China

Technically eggs don’t need to be kept in a refrigerator. It’s perfectly safe to store them at room temperature. It’s just that we are not used to it. But it’s worth to mention that eggs age faster at room temperature.

2. Strange food in the freezers

Frogs and worms China
Frozen worms and frogs, China

Although frogs and worms might be thought of as delicacies, it’s really strange to see them in an every-day supermarket. The frogs kinda look like from a horror movie.

3. Unusual snacks

Snacks chicken feet marinated quail eggs china
Marinated chicken feet, marinated quail eggs and marinated duck meat skewer

Yes, it’s for real. Chinese people are crazy about chicken feet. You can literally buy those in any supermarket and convenient store. Chicken feet are big deal in China, as well as marinated quail eggs and everything served on a skewer.

4. Random people touching fresh meet with their hands

people touching fresh meet
People touching fresh meet, China

It’s unhygienic and unsafe to keep fresh meat in the open space (flies everywhere) in the first place, but to allow people to touch it with their bare hands?!? No, no, no.

5. Scary looking poultry

scary looking poultry
Poultry, Supermarket, China

Poultry in China looks rather scary. In other countries feet are always removed from the bird, but not in China where it’s rather valuable part of the animal.

6. Amazing variety of eggs (all different kinds)

Amazing variety of eggs
You can find all kinds of eggs in Chinese supermarkets

It’s hard to believe how many different kinds of eggs one can find in supermarkets in China. From white eggs, yellow eggs, brown eggs, duck eggs and goose eggs to marinated eggs, pre-laid eggs and 100-hundred-year-old eggs.

7. Dairy products are sweet (milk and yogurt)

dairy products china
Milk and yogurt are mostly sweetened

It is very hard to find a plane, unsweetened yogurt in China. And if you manage to find it you’ll notice a bag of honey attached to it. The situation is a little bit better when it comes to milk.


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