Labelling and judging are such a huge part of our life, we all do it. Now I’m not even talking about labelling each other, which we all know happens way more than it should. Really, who are you to tell someone who they are or aren’t. However, right now I am talking about labelling ourselves.

“I’m a vegan.”
“I’m a gymnast.”
“I’m a yogi.” Whatever it may be. Stop. Why can’t you just tell people you practice yoga, or you prefer to not eat meat, why put yourself in a box? Why give people an easier reason to separate from you?

I am so guilty of this. I used to call myself a bikini competitor, like it was my day job or something. Truth is, I pay a lot of money to compete in shows. Yes, sometimes I won money back, but in no means was I professional or anything. By putting this label on myself, I created a lot of problems emotionally. Who was I then, when I wasn’t competing? Who was I when I didn’t have a six pack? Who was I when I was dolled up and tanned? What did I do with my life when I wasn’t prepping food, doing cardio or lifting weights for hours a day? Truth is, I didn’t even know. I put such a label on myself that I didn’t know who I was without it. I had done my first bikini show so I could make healthier choices in my life. The thingĀ is, I traded in one label for another. I went from alcoholic to a bikini competitor. Both labels, both addictions.

Without bikini competitions and abs, who am I? Well I like sports. I also like spending time with people. I like writing. I like doing crafts. I like interior design. Notice how I didn’t say “I’m an athlete, I’m a social butterfly, I’m a writer,” or any of those labels.

People already label us, don’t put a label on yourself. The minute you do that, you put yourself in a box. What if that box breaks? Who are you then?


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