25 Kinds of Wonderful


grapefruit juice

1. The way grapefruit juice clings to your tongue and lips so the flavour laces your mouth several minutes after you’ve downed a glass.



2. Wild strawberries that grow up in the high country in the springtime- Some of the berries are plump and ready to eat by June, while others that have been covered in the last patches of snowfall are only just starting to flower.


swimming in the lake

3. When your body adjusts to the temperature of the lake water and feels a bit like cool liquid satin wrapped around your limbs.


jornal notebook

4. Using up an entire journal.

fingers-baby5. Baby fingers and baby toes.


catching a scent

6. Catching a scent that reminds you of a happy time in your life- I found perfume in my drawer that smells just like 3 summers ago, because that’s when I wore it.



7. Hearing pleasant music in a public place where you didn’t expect to hear music.


laughter-child38. Watching a small child find a penny on the ground.



9. Eating cookies fresh out of the oven. It doesn’t even matter that the chocolate chips have melted over your fingertips, it’s all a part of the experience.



10. Throwing dead pine needles in a fire and watching it roar with momentary vigor.



11. Getting into fresh sheets when you’ve just showered.


laughing12. Smiling until your face is sore, laughing until your tummy aches.



13. The words “splendid” and “scrumptious”.



14. Dancing, in all forms.


happy girl

15. When you try on an item of clothing you didn’t expect to look good on you, but it’s actually very flattering and you go home and strike poses in front of the mirror while wearing it.



16. When an injury starts to heal and you feel progressively more comfortable.



17. Nights when it hits 4am and you’re still awake with your friends so you say “Screw it, may as well watch the sun come up.” And so you do and it’s worth being tired all the next day because you’ll only get to see so many sunrises and spend so many nights with the people you care about most.



18. Wearing dangling earrings when your hair is swept up and you can feel them brushing against the skin of your neck and tinkling so quietly only you can hear it. It’s like having secrets dangling from your earlobes.



19. Holding a leaf up to the sunlight so you can see all the veins that run through it.



20. Holding your wrist up to the light so you can see all the veins that run through you, and realizing your more connected to that leaf, that tree, and it’s roots that run into the Earth than previously anticipated.



21. When something really good has happened and you can’t help telling everyone about it.



22. When you wrap a gift for someone and the whole package looks so nice you can’t wait to give it to them because you know they’ll like the way the wrapping looks as well as the gift inside.



23. Flowers growing in places you never even planted flowers!



24. Free samples.



25. Life itself.



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