6 prefab houses you’ll instantly fall in love with


Prefab is an abbreviation for prefabricated and it describes type of home that is made from easy-to-assemble building parts that were manufactured off-site. It takes only few days (1-10 usually) to build a prefab house which makes it perfect if you want to have a house “right now”. The prices are usually affordable which, of course, depends on how big do you want your house to be. Some prefab houses, like Serial Modular Home from DublDom, come with all necessary sanitary equipment, furniture and household appliances included. Many of prefab houses, like Soleta ZeroEnergy, are also eco-friendly and made to maximize energy savings. We picked 6 adorable small prefab houses to suit everyone’s needs.

APH80 | Abaton

prefab houseprefab houseThis low-cost, three room, prefabricated house was designed by Abaton architecture company, based in Spain.

Serial Modular Home | DublDom

prebaf container houseprefab house

Serial modular home, by DublDom, can be installed in one single day. The package already includes all necessary sanitary equipment, furniture and household appliances.

Wee House | The Wee House Company

prefab houseprefab houseEach Wee House reflects the vernacular style of its surroundings and never compromises on functionality or energy efficiency.

Soleta ZeroEnergy | FITS

prefab houseprefab houseThe Soleta zeroEnergy is modular eco-friendly house by the Justin Capra Foundation for Inventions and Sustainable Technologies (FITS) in Romania. It is excellence in terms of quality, elegance and functionality made to maximize energy savings.

Prefab house in Spain | DMP Arquitectura

prefab house
prefab house

Architects from DMP Arquitectura in collaboration with Jurgen Van Weereld and Karin Giesberts designed, and built, this lovely prefab house in the province of Alicante, Spain.

The Photographer’s House | T2.a Architects

prefab house
prefab home

The Photographer’s House was designed by two friends, photographer Zsolt Batar and architect Bence Turanyi. The house is located in a forest outside Budapest and it was built in only two days.



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