5 cool and helpful gadgets everyone should have


Living a busy, healthy and active life can sometimes be close to impossible but these amazing and helpful gadgets will make your life easier in any situation! Keep you stress level at low with Olive- stress management bracelet. Be informed about how many miles you walked today with Shine- activity measurement device. Have your adventures recorded every time with 360Fly action camera. Adjust temperature, humidity and security of your home with Clime and be prepared to help an injured person with First Aid 2.0.

360FLY | action camera

360 fly camera360fly cameraThe 360fly Action Cam was built for battle. Whatever the adventure is, it takes the beating alongside the user. That doesn’t mean it should look like a tank. Or resemble an industrial device. It should just be able to beat one up in a street fight. The surface of the device is shaped like a crystal, adorned with 360 unique shapes. Boo-yaa.

OLIVE | stress management bracelet

olive stress management braceletOlive, designed by Alejandra Castelao, analyzes your patterns and biological indicators, helps you be aware of when your body experiences a stress response, and empowers you with a range of exercises that can be used to bring your body back into balance. Above all, Olive is designed to handle the complexity of your stress behind the scenes so it is super simple to use.

SHINE | activity measurement device

SHINE | activity measurement deviceSHINE | activity measurement deviceYou can wear this activity measurement device anywhere. Shine has an ultra simple display that appears only when needed: 12 dots, representing a loop of your daily goal. Complete the loop, you’ve reached your goal.

CLIME | micro sensor

CLIME micro sensorClime works to complement other technologies within home environment to adjust temperature, humidity, and security. We believe that paired directly with smartphone and the Clime HUB, a standalone receiver that can send all data to the cloud, Clime has the power to elevate everyone’s life with smart automation.

FIRST AID 2.0 | first-aid kit with touch screen

FIRST AID 2.0FIRST AID 2.0First Aid 2.0 is an evolutionary first-aid kit with LED luminance and a red cross-shaped touch screen. The screen provides comprehensive and concise instructions for the administering of first aid in the most efficient way.


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